Where to Stay in Nice, France: The Hôtel Ozz

If you’re looking for a relatively cheap place to stay in one of the most idyllic coastal destinations in the entire Côte d’Azur, look no further because this hostel in Nice, France is welcoming, clean, and chic, all for a price tag you won’t faint over. Read on for my full review.

Where to Stay in Boston: Hotel Studio Allston

The Hotel Studio Allston is an art- and color-lover’s dream. There’s a focus on creativity here, so splatters of paint underneath a bespoke paintbrush bookshelf; multi-colored elevators; and interactive installations like moving shapes on wheels, bright picture frames, and a ping pong table perched next to a faux palm tree are signature Studio Allston staples.

Where to Stay in Manhattan: The Roger Smith Hotel

The beautiful thing about NYC is that there really is something for everyone if you just know where to look. Spacious accommodation at an actually reasonable price? Look no further than Manhattan’s Midtown East, where you’ll find the Roger Smith hotel.

Where to Stay in Salt Lake City: The Kimpton Hotel Monaco

I’ve only stayed in 2 Kimpton properties so far, but both times I’ve been impressed by how differentiated they are – the Kimpton brand is known for branding each of their properties as unique experiences. When it comes to the Hotel Monaco in Salt Lake City, it’s safe to say you get a similar feeling of boldness. There’s just something about it that feels cool and different from the rest of the places you can Google in the area.

Where to Stay in Long Beach: The Hotel Royal

Walk around Long Beach today and you’ll find new apartment complexes mixed with decades-old Art Deco and Spanish Renaissance-style buildings. The Hotel Royal is one of those buildings, and nothing about this hotel is typical, or conventional. And honestly, that’s what makes this exciting.

Where to Stay in Cozumel, Mexico: Villas El Encanto

So many people think of Cozumel as just a cruise ship stopover, or a quick afternoon ferry to and from Playa del Carmen. While it certainly is both of those things, it’s also so much more than just a brief stop. It’s a perfect final destination, too. And for that, you’ll need a place to stay! Check out my review of the Villas El Encanto in Cozumel.

Where to Stay in Waikiki: The Laylow, Autograph Collection

Throughout my entire life growing up in Hawaii, if there’s one thing I assumed about Waikiki, it’s that the hotels in Waikiki were all the same: muted, boring colors; stereotypical music; tourist-laden souvenir shops. My impression of Waikiki had never been that it was ‘hip’ or ‘cool.’ That is, until The Laylow popped up and completely changed my mind.

Where to Stay in Tasmania: The Freycinet Lodge

Imagine waking up in the middle of the trees, surrounded by the most unusual rock formations, tucked away in what feels like your own little slice of uninterrupted paradise. From outside your window, you see nothing but round, almost cartoon-like orange mountain peaks, soft, rolling waves, and occasionally, maybe even a wallaby or two.

Where to Stay in Alaska: The Alyeska Resort

You’ve made it to the 49th state and you’re going to have an unforgettable time regardless – it’s hard not to in Alaska. But to guarantee a memorable stay like no other, take a short (like, super short) drive outside of Anchorage and turn off into Girdwood. Why Girdwood, you ask? The Alyeska Resort is waiting to show you it all.

Where to Stay in Seattle: The Hotel Ändra

Seattle packs such a punch with all there is to do and see, that you’re going to want–no, need–a good place to rest your head during your stay. If you want to be in the heart of all of the downtown action, head straight to the Hotel Ändra, smack dab in the middle of the city center, which will be more than happy to welcome you ‘home’ for the weekend.