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Rachel Off Duty: Studio Allston Hotel Boston

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A huge thank you to the staff at Hotel Studio Allston for offering us a media rate during our stay. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Rachel Off Duty: Studio Allston Hotel Boston
Rachel Off Duty: Studio Allston Hotel Boston

I found myself heading to Boston for the first time to attend a travel conference, and as it goes with pretty much every conference I’ve ever been to, the ‘conference attendee hotel discounts’ are always kind of expensive. Aren’t they?? At least, that’s how it’s been in my experience, and that’s definitely what it was like in Boston, where downtown accommodation and transportation (unless taking the T, Boston’s subway system) can add up quick. I skipped out on the conference hotel and after doing some research on other fun places to stay in the Boston area, I checked into the Studio Allston Hotel instead. While I didn’t get to stay in the same hotel as my conference (always more convenient, not always as fun), the Studio Allston Hotel’s punchy personality, solid playlists on shuffle from morning till night, and unexpected decor made me quickly forget the commute.

If you’re curious about the conference I went to, it’s called Travel Con and you can check out my recap here!

The Location

Rachel Off Duty: The Breakfast Club

Just 5 miles from downtown Boston, the Studio Allston Hotel is located in the neighborhood of Allston, a sort of hipster, eclectic area of central Boston that’s a stone’s throw from Harvard University and home to several lively bars and restaurants.

  • Uber & Lyft will cost you about $10-$20 to get most places in Boston (Fenway, Boston Common, Faneuil Hall)
  • You can rent a Bluebike and explore the 3-mile pedestrian path along the Charles River, which is across the street from the hotel
  • Allston is fairly walkable and worth the exploration in its own right!

The Studio Allston Hotel Property

Rachel Off Duty: Woman in Studio Allston Hotel Boston
Rachel Off Duty: Woman in Studio Allston Hotel Boston
Rachel Off Duty: Woman in Studio Allston Hotel Boston
Rachel Off Duty: Studio Allston Hotel Boston

The first thing you’ll notice about the Studio Allston Hotel is the vibrant colors, abstract shapes, and mid-century modern furniture in the giant lobby you walk into upon arrival. There’s a focus on art and creativity here, so splatters of paint underneath a bespoke paintbrush bookshelf; multi-colored elevators; and interactive installations like moving shapes on wheels, bright picture frames, and a ping pong table perched next to a faux palm tree are signature Studio Allston staples. My eyes felt like they were feasting on spotted and striped candy everywhere I looked.

Down the hall, you’ll find a huge outdoor lounge that plays multiple roles for guests. It’s an extension of the hotel’s restaurant, Casa Caña, a lounge area, a bar, and on occasion, a live music and events space. Keeping with the theme of funky, artsy decor, the terrace features green and teal outdoor furniture, string lighting, and mosaic tile throughout. On Sunday before checking out, I went outside to hang out and sip coffee here, only to discover that there was live music for brunch, and it was so good! You wouldn’t be surprised by that though – the hotel plays on-point music through surround-sound speakers in the lobby, outdoor lounge, bathrooms, and elevators from morning to evening ranging from indie rock to latin salsa, and in my 5 days staying here it was always dance-worthy.

Rachel Off Duty: The Studio Allston Hotel
Rachel Off Duty: Studio Allston Hotel Boston
Rachel Off Duty: Studio Allston Hotel Boston
Rachel Off Duty: Studio Allston Hotel Boston Bar

The Studio Allston Hotel isn’t just colorful walls and good music, though. Their entire brand is centered around fostering creativity within the Allston community and beyond, and has purposely partnered with both national and local artists to help design their space. Every punchy wall, every installation, every painting you’ll see was carefully curated to help tell a story of the innovation and creative spirit that is alive and well in Boston. If you know me, you know I am obsessed with hotels that focus on supporting their environment, community, and the stories of the people who’ve built them.

Rachel Off Duty: Hotel Studio Allston Boston

The Rooms

Rachel Off Duty: Room in Studio Allston Hotel Boston Rachel Off Duty: Room in Studio Allston Hotel Boston
Rachel Off Duty: Woman in Hotel Room
Rachel Off Duty: Room in Studio Allston Hotel Boston

Because of the hotel’s focus on partnering with artists, Studio Allston’s 117 accommodations ranging from standard rooms to suites each have some nuance to them, with no 2 rooms being exactly alike. We stayed in a Signature Suite, which was completely decked out with art installations featuring space – planets, astronauts, and night skies. The works! Based on the theme the artist chooses, the furniture in each suite is also carefully selected to mirror the vibe. In our living room, purple and orange pod-shaped seats replaced a conventional couch. Oversized orb lighting centered the space and a red bar top and mini fridge helped to mimic the purple, orange, and red paint on the walls. In the bedroom, the astronaut statement wall was the focus, with the rest of the room being fairly subdued (compared to the living room). 

Our room was the only space-themed Signature Suite. You can check out this room and others here because they’re all equally fun and unique!

Food and Drink

Rachel Off Duty: Casa Cana
Rachel Off Duty: Tacos
Rachel Off Duty: Tostones, Yucca fries & Steak with Chimichurr

On the first floor of the hotel, the newly-opened Casa Caña is Studio Allston’s star attraction. It serves breakfast, weekend brunch, lunch, dinner, and late night bar food plus drinks. On the menu, you’ll find latin-infused dishes like tostones, yucca fries, steak with chimichurri, tacos, and churros. Dinner is served until 11 pm, and the bar stays open until 2 am every night, which is super convenient when you’re usually out late or on a busy (conference!!) schedule like I was.


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The Studio Allston Hotel offers something decidedly different for guests hoping to stay somewhere in a world of its own. Far removed from the traditional colonial flair and New England architectural style of Boston, Studio Allston focuses instead on the people, and the creativity, that make Boston, well, Boston. 

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Rachel Off Duty: Hotel Studio Allston Boston - Hotel Review
Rachel Off Duty: Hotel Studio Allston Boston - Hotel Review

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