Where to Stay in Ubud, Bali: Alamdini Resort

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Rachel Off Duty: Alamdini Resort in Ubud, Bali

If I had to describe Ubud, I’d call it dizzying in the best way possible. Ubud is Bali’s cultural hub, and the town center (really a series of closely connected villages) is rife with shops, spas, restaurants, bars, temples, and entertainment. When it comes to where to stay in Ubud, you’re not going to be lacking in options. From guesthouses and cheap hostels to ultra-luxury resorts and retreats, Ubud really does offer accommodation for all walks of life, no matter what you’re seeking on the Island of the Gods.

I had 3 days to spend in Ubud, so as much as I wanted a remote villa in the middle of the jungle, I prioritized finding a place that was central, easy to find, extremely walkable, and affordable for someone traveling solo. That’s how I found the Alamdini Resort Ubud

If you’re only in Ubud for a limited time, or if you’re specifically looking for a place to stay that’s in the center of it all, this is my recommendation for you! 


Rachel Off Duty: Alamdini Resort in Ubud, Bali

Located an hour’s drive from Bali’s International Airport and serving as the cultural epicenter of Bali, Ubud is located in the Gianyar regency and is famous for its temples, rice paddies, boutique shops, cafes, and yoga scene. In the past several years, Ubud has grown to become one of the most popular destinations in all of Bali (and for good reason). 

Looking at photos online of the Alamdini Resort’s pool and lush surroundings, you’d be hard-pressed to really believe this hotel was located right in the center of Ubud. But, the Alamdini Resort is walking distance from everything you’d want to experience while in Ubud, from Ubud’s various cafes and bars to its central attractions, like the Ubud Art Market (14-minute walk), the Ubud Palace/Puri Saren Agung (12-minute walk), and the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary (13-minute walk). 

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The Alamdini Resort Property

Rachel Off Duty: Alamdini Resort in Ubud, Bali

The Alamdini Resort can be found down a long driveway splitting off from Bisma Road, which is one of the main streets running parallel in central Ubud. It’s virtually invisible from the main road apart from a small hotel sign, so you’ll have to know where to go but once you see the sign once, you’ll be able to know what to look for. 

Once you arrive, there’s an outdoor reception desk where you’ll be greeted in customary Balinese fashion with a refreshing, cool beverage. This reception desk operates 24 hours/day, so you can check in, check out, and come and go with ease. In front of the reception desk is a restaurant – Ulam Dini Restaurant, which serves food all day and even occasionally features live music. There’s a pool here in case you want to lounge around while staying in close proximity of snacks (I get you, you get me). 

Behind the reception desk, you’ll find the rooms. There are just 4 stories of rooms here, so the Alamdini Resort isn’t a gigantic property. This is nice, because it means you have better odds of getting the pool to yourself!

Rachel Off Duty: Alamdini Resort in Ubud, Bali
Rachel Off Duty: Alamdini Resort Pool in Ubud, Bali

Speaking of the pool, behind the rooms, you’ll find Alamdini Resort’s infinity pool. This is what got me when I was researching a place to stay in Ubud. The pool is situated amidst lush greenery that adds to the feeling of being in the middle of a jungle when really, you’re in the middle of town. It’s absolutely beautiful, and there are cabanas and lounge chairs next to it so you can laze the day away if you so choose. Food from Ulam Dini can be delivered to the pool during the day. Or, if you’re traveling with someone special, you can even book a candlelight dinner after dark down by the pool as well. 

Alamdini Resort also offers a selection of tours and experiences guests can enjoy, like Balinese cooking classes, cycling, and trekking. And, in terms of logistics and other essential offerings, there are laundry services onsite, as well as reception assistance in case you need a car or scooter rental, a guide, or transportation to the airport. 

The Rooms

Rachel Off Duty: Alamdini Resort Hotel Room in Ubud, Bali
Rachel Off Duty: Alamdini Resort Hotel Room in Ubud, Bali
Rachel Off Duty: Alamdini Resort Hotel Room in Ubud, Bali
Rachel Off Duty: Alamdini Resort in Ubud, Bali
Rachel Off Duty: Alamdini Resort in Ubud, Bali
Rachel Off Duty: Alamdini Resort in Ubud, Bali

Each of Alamdini Resort’s rooms are simple, yet spacious. All rooms here are ‘suites,’ spanning 549 feet with a large balcony and ensuite bathroom. You’ll be provided air conditioning, a flat-screen TV (not very many channels, but I’d hope you’re not staying in Ubud to spend your days inside watching shows!), free WiFi, toiletries, tea, coffee, and bottled water. The price really only varies if you want a pool view or not. 

Even without a pool view, the remaining rooms offer beautiful views of the surrounding jungle and (on the lower levels) the large onsite fountain that sits adjacent to the rooms themselves. I got a top-floor room when I stayed here, and the views were incredibly calming and made me feel like I had a lot of privacy to lounge around in my room with the curtains open.

What I loved most about the rooms was the ensuite bathroom. There’s a beautiful bathtub and a rainfall shower in each room, and I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t take an extra bath (or three) every day during my stay. 

Tips To Know Before You Go

Rachel Off Duty: Alamdini Resort View in Ubud, Bali

1. TRANSPORTATION: In the heart of Ubud, you’ll be in close walkable proximity to restaurants, bars, shops, and many of Ubud’s most famous sites. If you want to explore beyond Ubud, you can use the following modes of transportation: 

  • Rent a scooter for $5-7 USD/day
  • Use a ride-hailing app to be picked up by car or scooter (Grab and Gojek are the apps used in Bali) 
  • Have your hotel call a taxi 
  • Hire a private guide/driver for $15 – $40 USD depending on the length of time and the places you’re trying to visit. Grab, TripAdvisor, and Klook are some popular places to find reputable guides. Need a specific recommendation? My guide, Jun, was the best! Check out his TripAdvisor reviews here.

2. WHERE TO EAT: There are so many great places to eat in Ubud, your head will spin. Ulam Dini Restaurant onsite has some pretty decent breakfast options and smoothies. And, at night, you might be able to catch some live music and a cocktail here to kickstart your evening. 

Within a 5-25 minute walk from Alamdini Resort, some great Ubud restaurants worth checking out include Umah Pizza, Ibu Susu, Kismet, Black Pearl, Alchemy, and Copper Kitchen & Bar


4. WHAT TO DO AT NIGHT: Ubud has a really cool, albeit subtle, after-dark scene. You can enjoy everything from live Balinese dance performances to movie screenings to music shows to simply grabbing drinks and meeting other people around town. If you want to experience Ubud’s one ‘club,’ head straight to CP Lounge. I actually had a great time here! The music is usually well-liked by all, and the food and drinks do not disappoint either. 

Ready to pack your bags? Book your stay at the Alamdini Resort here

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Rachel Off Duty: Where to Stay in Ubud, Bali: Alamdini Resort
Rachel Off Duty: Where to Stay in Ubud, Bali: Alamdini Resort

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