Where to Stay in Valle de Guadalupe: The UvaUva Eco Cabins

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Rachel Off Duty: The UvaUva Eco Cabins in Valle de Guadalupe

A huge thank you to the staff at the UvaUva Eco Cabins for hosting our stay. All thoughts and opinions are my own. \

Rachel Off Duty: Woman in The UvaUva Eco Cabins in Valle de Guadalupe

I first fell in love with the idea of visiting Valle de Guadalupe not for the wine (which is what put this Baja Mexico town on the map in the first place), but because of the hotels. Instead of the large resorts and cookie-cutter accommodations most popular destinations inevitably become riddled with, Mexico’s beloved wine country is dotted with charming B&Bs, architecturally experimental suites, and innovative boutique hotels each going out of their way to make a statement. I personally like to think of the hotels I’ve seen in the Valle as steampunk chic meets desert boho (but, I am not an architect or design connoisseur so take my words with a grain of salt!).

I am, admittedly, obsessed with out-of-the-ordinary, experience-in-their-own-right hotels, and so, Valle de Guadalupe seemed like my version of Disneyland. I dreamt about it for months until I finally got to pay a visit to one of the region’s newest hotel additions, which just opened its doors in the late summer of 2019: the UvaUva Eco Cabins.

Keep reading for a first look at this brand new hotel, and all the details you need to know when booking your stay!


Rachel Off Duty: The UvaUva Eco Cabins in Valle de Guadalupe
Rachel Off Duty: Woman in a Winery
Rachel Off Duty: Woman in a Winery

About an hour south of the Tijuana/San Diego border, and 30 minutes inland from Ensenada, you’ll find Valle de Guadalupe. A region that has flown largely under the radar for the last couple of decades, the Valle is beginning to boom in popularity thanks to the increasing realization that the wine is good. Really, really good. Suddenly, a country previously known only for its tequila, mezcal, and cerveza is popping up in casual conversation compared with the likes of Napa and Tuscany and their ability to produce quality wine grapes in ideal Mediterranean-esque climates. Who would have thought?

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With the rise in popularity, several opportunity-grabbing hoteliers have begun to lay foundations in the area. The crowd Valle de Guadalupe attracts is (in my observation) naturally a bit younger, more adventurous, and more laidback than the visitors to other more high-brow wine regions, and this is reflected in the unique and experience-driven accommodations popping up throughout the area.

If you think of the Valle de Guadalupe as a horseshoe, with two main roads leading inland from the coast and joining up at the tip of the Valle, UvaUva Eco Cabins sits in the lower left corner, in a small but lively pocket of town known as San Antonio de las Minas.

The UvaUva Eco Cabins Property

Rachel Off Duty: Woman in Valle de Guadalupe
Rachel Off Duty: Woman in Valle de Guadalupe

The feeling at UvaUva Eco Cabins is one of quiet and tranquility. You won’t find loud pool parties or bars. In fact, you won’t even find a lobby. Instead, the hotel has been designed to immerse you completely in the natural surroundings of the area.

What you will find are vineyards surrounding the property on all sides (the hotel is built right in the middle of the vineyard). A communal bar cart stocked with help-yourself beer at all hours of the day. An open kitchen and fire pit for hanging out and mingling with other guests under the stars at the end of a long day of wine tasting. Record players and quality local coffee (plus a pour over!) in each room for lazy mornings, made even better by relaxing with your fresh cup of joe on your balcony overlooking the rolling hills of the Valle. It’s a magical place in its simplicity, and a welcome escape for those over-burdened by hectic lifestyles, looking for a real luxurious but uncomplicated retreat.

Rachel Off Duty: Woman Looking Out at the Scenery
Rachel Off Duty: Flowers in a Vase
Rachel Off Duty: The UvaUva Eco Cabins
Rachel Off Duty: Bar Cart Rachel Off Duty: Woman Sipping a Beer in The UvaUva Eco Cabins

I mentioned earlier that there is no lobby here. Instead, you will either be greeted personally by the owners of the hotel upon arrival, or provided with explicit instructions prior to check-in with directions and room access. The owners, Matt and Monica, are some of the most friendly, down-to-earth, hospitable, and fascinating people I’ve ever met. It was like we were being welcomed in by old friends. Don’t be surprised if you end up hitting it off and chatting with them for hours around the campfire! In fact, this was one of our most memorable evenings throughout our time in the Valle, and Matt and Monica are a big reason why we actually decided to go back to Valle for the 2nd time in 2 months 🙂

The Rooms

Rachel Off Duty: A Room in The UvaUva Eco Cabins
Rachel Off Duty: A Room in The UvaUva Eco Cabins
Rachel Off Duty: Woman Listening to Music in The UvaUva Eco Cabins
Rachel Off Duty: Coffee Station
Rachel Off Duty: The UvaUva Eco Cabins
Rachel Off Duty: The UvaUva Eco Cabins
Rachel Off Duty: The UvaUva Eco Cabins

There are just four cabins at UvaUva Eco Cabins. The entire property runs on solar energy, has water delivered, and has been carefully constructed to ‘float’ over the vineyard so as not to ruin or obstruct the natural desert landscape. From the stones on the ground to the wood and cement in the rooms, a majority of the materials used in designing the hotel were sourced locally and selected thoughtfully to create a luxurious atmosphere with a rustic touch that reflects the rugged yet relaxing draw of the Valle itself.

In the rooms, you’ll find plush king-sized beds and complimentary pastries and almonds from local shops. Instead of a TV, the beds face the balcony so you can overlook the surrounding vineyards and unplug. The bathroom is a beautifully designed space with a large rainfall shower and a focal stone wall with glass cutouts throughout to let in natural light. In every room, record players and fresh local coffee complete the cozy environment. We played the Beatles and other classics to help us ease into the day each morning.

If you’re wondering, the rooms ARE outfitted with fast WiFi, so you can still check emails and get your daily social media fix if you need to 🙂

Tips to Know Before You Go

1. DRIVING: The roads leading to most places in Valle de Guadalupe are bumpy, windy dirt roads. Plan accordingly with your transportation if driving or renting a car! If you will be taking a vehicle to Mexico, you’ll need Mexican auto insurance. Read all my tips for driving to Baja here.

Rachel Off Duty: Breakfast at The UvaUva Eco Cabins
Rachel Off Duty: Lunch

2. TRANSPORTATION: Uber supposedly has a service that provides transportation around the Valle (originating in Tijuana and Ensenada), but if you’re requesting an Uber while already in the Valle, your odds will be slim. Instead, the hotel staff will be able to recommend a driver for you for $50 – $100 USD, depending on the length of time you want to spend visiting wineries.

3. WHAT TO DO NEAR THE HOTEL: San Antonio de las Minas is a quaint, local pocket of Valle de Guadalupe. What that means is you’ll find some great local spots to eat and drink in the area, as long as you know where to look! I highly recommend having breakfast at Lupita Rubio (do not leave until you’ve ordered their apple and cheese pie. Yes, you read that right), grabbing dinner and a beer at Ochentos Pizza / El Chivo Gruñon (go at sunset!), and sampling the wine at Nativo Vinicolo.

4. WHAT TO DO AT THE HOTEL: Book a mobile massage and get a full spa treatment without even needing to leave the hotel. Valle Mobile Massage offers massages anywhere in the Valle de Guadalupe area. We got massages when we stayed at the UvaUva Eco Cabins. They set up in no time, and we were able to have the most relaxing massages ever, right before sunset, in the most magical setting. A trip highlight for sure!

Rachel Off Duty: Massage Chairs at The UvaUva Eco Cabins

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5. WHAT TO DO AT NIGHT: Take advantage of the UvaUva Eco Cabins’ campfire at night. The sky in Valle de Guadalupe is incredibly dark thanks to limited light pollution in the area, making for an epic spot to stargaze. We made a night of it by buying a bottle of wine and downloading this stargazing app to look for constellations!


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Rachel Off Duty: Where to Stay in Valle de Guadalupe: The UvaUva Eco Cabins
Rachel Off Duty: Where to Stay in Valle de Guadalupe: The UvaUva Eco Cabins

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