Where to Stay in Valle de Guadalupe: Lumi Hotel

Recently, Valle de Guadalupe has become known for its unique and unorthodox accommodations. Have you ever stayed in a shipping container? In Baja, you can! Here’s everything you need to know about Lumi, Valle de Guadalupe’s very own container suite hotel.

5 Things To Do For A Relaxing Weekend in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico

A good wine country isn’t great without an abundant variety of things to do, eat, see, and experience. And fortunately, Valle de Guadalupe ticks all those boxes. With its laid-back, unpretentious vibe, it’s the perfect recipe for a quick getaway. Read on for 5 things you absolutely have to do in Valle de Guadalupe for the ultimate weekend of relaxation!

Where to Stay in Valle de Guadalupe: The UvaUva Eco Retreat

I am, admittedly, obsessed with out-of-the-ordinary, experience-in-their-own-right hotels, and so, Valle de Guadalupe seemed like my version of Disneyland. The UvaUva Eco Retreat is one of Valle de Guadalupe’s newest hotels, and with an eco-friendly approach to design, a great location, and thoughtful design, it’s one that’s here to stay.