Holiday Party Inspo: Why Wearing Emerald is an Event in Itself

Time passes by SO quickly, and December can especially feel like a blur. It’s precisely because of this that making time to spend with the important people in your life this time of year is crucial, no matter how hectic life may feel. This season, I’m trying my best to make time to spend with the people I care about most, and while I do it, I’ll be wearing emerald.

International Women’s Day: How to Better Empower the Women in Our Lives

Before I go any further, let me make one thing clear–yes, I know. Not everyone’s a feminist or an activist. Not everyone reading this might personally feel like they’ve been affected by gender differences or inequality. Why does this all matter for you? I’ve honestly asked myself this question before on more than one occasion.

5 Tips for Starting to Network (and How I Used Them to Organize my First Meet-up!)

You know the saying. “It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know.” You’ve probably hear some iteration of this at one point or another. I can recall back in college when I first moved to California and learned the importance of “networking,” and I remember thinking to myself that networking seemed to come so easily to everybody… but me.