Where Traveling for Work Meets Actually Enjoying Yourself: How Cambria Hotels Cater to Business Travelers

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Rachel Off Duty: Woman in White Dress Sitting at Table with Laptop in Hotel Lobby

Some articles on Rachel Off Duty may contain affiliate links. Read more about this in our Privacy Policy.

This article was produced in partnership with Cambria Hotels. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Are you prepping for an upcoming business trip? Hoping to make it fun by tacking on a mini vacation, or squeezing in some sight-seeing between meetings? You may have already given a ton of thought to what you want to do on your trip, but what about where you plan to stay? 

It’s no doubt that there is an absurd number of options when it comes to places to stay, especially for business travelers. With so much choice and so many things to consider – How much can I expense per night? Where are my meetings? How do I get to those meetings? What should I do, see, and experience while in town? – choosing a hotel can often be, well, super overwhelming. 

But, if you do it right, the place you stay can become a fantastic extension of your overall encounter with a new city. One brand that aims to empower guests to make the most of both their business and ‘just for fun’ trips is Cambria Hotels. 

Rachel Off Duty: Woman in Blue Dress at Cambria Hotel in Anaheim
Rachel Off Duty: Woman in Black Jumpsuit with Luggage Standing in Front of Cambria Hotel in Anaheim

As a frequent business traveler myself, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate when a hotel makes you feel like you’ve already begun exploring someplace new even before you’ve stepped foot out of the hotel. And on work trips, when I’m starved for time but still hoping to maximize my experiences, I always try to choose a place to stay that allows me to enjoy myself along the way. 

Here are my favorite things that Cambria Hotels does right when it comes to catering to the business traveler.

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Where Traveling for Work Meets Actually Enjoying Yourself: How Cambria Hotels Cater to Business Travelers

1. A Convenient Location

Rachel Off Duty: The Cambria Hotel in Downtown Phoenix Roosevelt Row

My number one consideration for a work trip is location. Why? Wasting time on the logistics of getting from point A to point B is not worth it, especially when business trips keep you on a tight schedule. The stress of watching time pass while waiting for a taxi to take you to a meeting you’re sure to be late for is not something I’d wish on anyone!

I always consult Google Maps whenever I narrow down my hotel choices for any trip, and I map out the walking and driving distances for my meetings, my events, and any restaurants or attractions I want to visit during my stay. My preference is always to stay somewhere as central as possible, so that I can squeeze in some sight-seeing along the way! Many Cambria Hotels locations throughout the country are carefully selected to be in prime locations near convention centers, hip neighborhoods, resort areas, theme parks, and theater districts.

Rachel Off Duty: A Pedicab in Front of a Hotel Entrance
Rachel Off Duty: A Woman Laughing on a Pedicab Ride in Phoenix
Rachel Off Duty: Phoenix Downtown Convention Center

I had the opportunity to stay at the Cambria Hotel Anaheim Resort Area by Disneyland, and the Cambria Hotel Downtown Phoenix Convention Center in the heart of downtown Phoenix’s Roosevelt Row, and both locations allowed me to be just a short walk or drive away from tons of places to eat and things to do. 

2. WiFi & Workspace (Remote Work-Friendly Amenities) 

Rachel Off Duty: Hotel Lobby Decor in Phoenix, Arizona
Rachel Off Duty: Hotel Lobby Decor in Phoenix, Arizona
Rachel Off Duty: Bar Chairs and Bar with Patterned Tiles
Rachel Off Duty: Desk and Coffee Maker in a Hotel Room

You can tell if a hotel is set up for business travelers when it offers a variety of workspaces for guests to take advantage of. A desk and a comfortable seating area in your room are a good start. Bonus points if the common areas of your hotel – like the lobby, the outdoor space(s), and even the onsite restaurant are remote work-friendly, as well! Newer hotels, like the two Cambria locations I have stayed in recently, tend to have more outlets and charging areas throughout the property, too. In fact, the Cambria Hotel Downtown Phoenix Convention Center has an entire dedicated work area in both the lobby and at the bar, with outlets conveniently placed tableside, or tucked away under countertops. 

3. Comfortable, Relaxing Rooms

Rachel Off Duty: Woman in a Hat Admiring Art in a Hotel Room
Rachel Off Duty: Woman Taking a Mirror Picture in a Hotel Room
Rachel Off Duty: The Room Layout in the Cambria Hotel in Downtown Phoenix

Now, it’s not all about business. Feeling comfortable and relaxed in your hotel room after getting back from a long day of working or sight-seeing is just as important! Sure, you may not be spending much time here, but the little touches a hotel room has to offer can add up to a more effortless experience overall. 

In addition to a comfortable bed (a must), a few other things I appreciate in a hotel room are design forward touches, good lighting, convenient outlets, a dedicated workspace, and, if possible, a great view of wherever I am in the world. 

Cambria’s hotels feature all of these things, as well as spa-like bathrooms complete with Bluetooth mirrors that enable you to connect your phone and listen to your favorite playlists (Cambria Hotels even has a podcast on Spotify, iTunes, and other podcast apps that you can check out during your stay!) while you hang out in your room. I do sing in the shower from time to time, especially when I need to loosen up and break up any pre-meeting nerves, so this is such a fun touch, and one that can be found at most locations nationwide! 

4. Food, Drinks, & Other Essentials Onsite

Rachel Off Duty: Woman Sitting at the Bar in Poppy, Downtown Phoenix
Rachel Off Duty: The Dining Area in Poppy Phoenix Restaurant

Sometimes, when I’m on the road, hotel food is all I have time for. Because of this, good hotel restaurants, bars, or onsite marketplaces where you can purchase snacks are crucial! Healthy options, late-night bites, and locally inspired food and drink options are all a plus. If I can grab a bite and sneak in a quick taste of the city I’m in without even having to leave the hotel, that’s a win-win for me! 

The Cambria Hotel Downtown Phoenix Convention Center, for instance, has an onsite restaurant and bar called Poppy. Here, just a short walk from your room, you can find southwestern-inspired menu items that reflect the hotel’s desert setting, and local craft beer sourced as part of Cambria Hotels’ craft beer program, to give you a feel for what Phoenix’s bar scene has to offer. This is a great introduction to downtown Phoenix’s Roosevelt Row, with its countless bars, breweries, and restaurants just two blocks from the hotel. 

5. A Convenient Fitness Center

Rachel Off Duty: A Hotel Gym with Colorful Walls

Working out when you’re traveling for work, or even a packed vacation, is not always easy, but having the option helps! I try to squeeze in a short workout on any trip that’s more than 3 nights, so that I can have some semblance of normalcy and routine. 

A hotel with a fitness center, a pool, free fitness classes, or close access to a park, beach, or bike path gives you easy access should you ever have some spare time to get moving. The Cambria Hotel Anaheim Resort Area has a huge fitness center ( bigger than my entire apartment!) with so many workout options to choose from, you’ll want to get out of bed early and get moving!

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6. Local influence & Design

Rachel Off Duty: The Exterior Murals at the Cambria Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona
Rachel Off Duty: A Woman Posing in Front of the Exterior Murals at the Cambria Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona
Rachel Off Duty: Art on the Walls of a Hotel Lobby
Rachel Off Duty: A Woman Admiring Pop Culture Art
Rachel Off Duty: A Woman Reading in a Hotel Lobby with Art on the Walls

The design of a hotel, while nice to have, is an afterthought for a lot of people. But, a trend in recent years towards more authentic experiences and unique accommodations has inspired both boutique and chain hotels to really lean into the culture and influence of the destinations they call home. Because of this, I think the coolest and most worthwhile hotels to stay at are the ones that successfully manage to reflect the vibe of the city they’re in. One of my favorite things about brands like Cambria Hotels is that they’ve really leaned into the various cities they are in on a micro-level, researching and incorporating unique elements into every space so that no matter which Cambria hotel you’re in, there’s a distinctive sense of place that brings the destination inside, to you, so you can begin your trip from the moment you check in. 

Rachel Off Duty: The Hotel Lobby Decor in Cambria Hotels Downtown Phoenix Convention Center

A swanky rooftop view in Manhattan, an ode to country music in Nashville, a Mickey Mouse themed breakfast near Disneyland in Anaheim, or the western flair of the Sonoran desert in Phoenix are all examples of the kinds of things you can expect in a Cambria hotel.

7. Cool Spaces to Relax + Unwind 

Rachel Off Duty: A Restaurant Entryway with Rattan Pendant Lighting
Rachel Off Duty: A Woman Drinking Wine in a Yellow Dress on a Rooftop
Rachel Off Duty: A Woman in an Orange Swimsuit Sitting at a Rooftop Pool

Speaking of lobbies, I am a sucker for cool spaces and cozy corners to unwind when I have time to take a break. The energy of a buzzing hotel lobby, bar, or rooftop is actually one of my favorite things to enjoy when I’ve chosen the right hotel. Business travelers, vacationers, and solo adventurers all passing through different moments in life under the same roof at the same time is the stuff of magic for a sucker for travel like me. You never know what kind of conversation you might get into, and with who! 

Most Cambria hotels have great rooftops and pools that allow you to kick back and enjoy a change of scenery while taking in the views of the city. In fact, the Phoenix location is – from what I’ve been told by my friends who live in the area – one of the best rooftop views in town (and I could absolutely see why). 

2020 Updates:

Rachel Off Duty: The Rooftop of the Cambria Hotel Downtown Phoenix Convention Center

If you’re curious about how properties like Cambria are handling COVID-19, I was able to learn about Choice Hotels’ new ‘Commitment to Clean’ initiative while staying in Anaheim. This initiative is meant to reinforce the brand’s dedication to cleanliness and enhanced training on things like cleaning, disinfecting, and social distancing. In addition, hotels are currently operating at reduced occupancy and allowing extra time to turn around rooms in between reservations. Some hotels may have a different or amended list of amenities available right now, so I suggest calling ahead to confirm what will be available during your stay! 

Rachel Off Duty: A Woman in a Yellow Dress Admiring the Hotel Room View

No matter where your next business trip takes you, make sure you plan ahead for the perfect place to stay. Cambria Hotels is a solid choice for business travelers on the go, and one my coworkers and I opt for frequently!


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