What to Wear on a Summer Vacation in Italy (June through August): Packing List

Summer in Italy is such a dreamy affair. On the coast, uniform umbrellas dot the sandy shores. Pastel pink and yellow buildings sit perched against rocky cliffsides overlooking the water below. Though Italian summers can get pretty hot, there’s still something so magical about the idea of gelato and vespas and pizza that make even I wish I was back in Sorrento right now, even though it’s the middle of June.

8 Wearable Summer Trends For Your On-the-Go Lifestyle

try to stay away from the uncomfortable stuff whenever possible. It’s just easier that way. What does that mean for the summer, with its long laundry list of en vogue sandals, accessories, and have-to-have-it sundresses? I focus on the ones that matter – the ones that I’ll feel good in for years to come.

Patterns Are the New Black: How to Boldly Wear a Patterned Jumpsuit this Summer

There’s something about a woman in a bright pattern, a bold shade of lipstick, or a colorful heel that always catches my eye. She’s confident, she knows exactly who she is, and she doesn’t need a safe color like black or beige to keep her head held high. Her personality isn’t beige, or blah. It never was. She was born to stand out and command attention.