7 Festive Things To Do in Quebec City if You Love All Things Christmas

Whether you’re going to Quebec in the winter for business or a mini vacation, here are the things you MUST try to do while you’re in town to jam-pack your trip with as much festive holiday cheer as possible. Read on for my 7 picks for activities to do in Quebec City if you love all things Christmas.

December in Quebec City: The Ultimate 3-Day Winter Guide

I visited Quebec City over a 3-day weekend in December, and in that amount of time I was able to experience the most charming cobblestone streets, sidewalks lined with talented Christmas carolers, savory poutine and buttery pastries, a lively European Christmas market (YAY), picture-perfect snowfall, monasteries, castles, citadels, and more. With 3 days to spare and so, so much to see, here’s my ultimate, jam-packed 3-day guide to visiting Quebec City in the winter.

Where to Stay in Quebec City: Monsieur Jean

A good hotel should, at minimum, make you feel safe and comfortable. But a great hotel should transport you far, far away from the everyday. And Monsieur Jean, one of Quebec City’s newest hotels, took me to wonderland. Here’s why you should check this particular hotel out for yourself!