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Working Out When You Don't Like Routines

A year is a long time. It’s a longer time when you try to do something–and stick to it–for all 52 weeks. It’s an even longer time when you try to make this “something” a routine, especially when it’s something that’s not necessarily “fun” or “easy.”

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How to Choose the Perfect Furniture for your Space

Okay. So let’s say you bought a house, or signed a lease for a new apartment. Or maybe you’re just over it with your Craigslist–or college–furniture and are thinking that it’s finally time you sold it all (or burned it) and moved on. I found myself in one of these situations a few months ago

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Fear of Missing Out (a quick downtown LA guide)

We live in a social media-driven, impatient, insatiable age where the hunger to constantly be experiencing and sharing things is as much of a common denominator as it is a burden. Really though, I think that everyone in their 20s right now feels a similar insatiable hunger. A desire–a need–to go out and do everything, be everywhere, and try new things constantly. 

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