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Winter In the Mountains: How to Spend 1 Day in Big Bear

For me, winter usually just means a 10-degree drop in temperature and occasional rain, and snow is just a far-off fairytale that I only get to see on social media and in movies, and I know I’m not alone! But that’s where Big Bear comes in. With only one day to spare in late January, we decided to take a day trip and see for ourselves just what makes Big Bear so magical.

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Packing for a Winter Vacation

From figuring out where to strategically place your shampoo so it doesn’t burst open during the flight, to seeing just how many pairs of shoes you can realistically get away with bringing without exceeding the baggage weight restriction, packing your bag–or bags–for a trip is, in my opinion, the worst. What’s even worse, though? Jetting off to somewhere cold, and making sure you’re bringing everything you need to stay warm.

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