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What to Wear on a Summer Vacation in Italy (June through August): Packing List

Summer in Italy is such a dreamy affair. On the coast, uniform umbrellas dot the sandy shores. Pastel pink and yellow buildings sit perched against rocky cliffsides overlooking the water below. Though Italian summers can get pretty hot, there’s still something so magical about the idea of gelato and vespas and pizza that make even I wish I was back in Sorrento right now, even though it’s the middle of June.

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Get Your Vacation Pants On

Admittedly, I’m not usually the kind of person who goes out of her way to buy statement, showy, less-than-practical clothes. Don’t get me wrong; I love shopping for crazy stuff, but when it comes down to choosing between something fun and eye-catching versus something I could wear to work, I’ll usually end up spending my money on the latter. But, with a trip to Ensenada around the corner, I couldn’t resist.

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