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Patterns Are the New Black: How to Boldly Wear a Patterned Jumpsuit this Summer

There’s something about a woman in a bright pattern, a bold shade of lipstick, or a colorful heel that always catches my eye. She’s confident, she knows exactly who she is, and she doesn’t need a safe color like black or beige to keep her head held high. Her personality isn’t beige, or blah. It never was. She was born to stand out and command attention.

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Beyond February 14: Turning Valentine's Day Cliches into Traditions

Valentine's Day is a paradox. We hate it because grocery store boxes of chocolate and heart-holding teddy bears aren’t an actual measurement for love. But on the flip side, we love it because date nights are fun, having an excuse to get dressed up is always tempting, and heart shapes somehow make dark chocolate taste that much better (especially when served up with some bubbly).

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The Work Holiday Party

No matter where you work, it’s tough to navigate the trepidatiously thin line between wanting to look seasonally sultry (read: “THAT’S the girl that sits in the corner cubicle? She looks AMAZING!”) and wanting to keep your appearance work-appropriate, especially since higher-ups will be in attendance. Obviously, the first approach sounds more fun. So what exactly do you wear to the work holiday party? 

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