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Beyond Palm Springs: How To Spend 1 Epic Day in the Central California Desert

There is so much more to this part of the desert than Palm Springs, pools, and palm trees (even though I can’t complain about any of that). We woke up early to spend 1 epic day exploring the desert beyond the familiar resorts and restaurants of Palm Springs, and I was honestly speechless at how overwhelmingly beautiful it all was. Here’s exactly what we did and where we went.

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Road Trip: Isle of Skye, Scotland in Less than 48 Hours

Isle of Skye is one of Scotland’s most famous, picturesque isles, known for its breathtaking, untamed beauty and magical charm. Waterfalls, unreal terrain, towering cliffs, and unparalleled views make Skye a must-see, even if you’re short on time. While more time is, obviously, recommended if you have it, we had less than 48 hours. Here’s how we made that possible.

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Road Trip Down Iceland's Golden Circle Loop

Ask anyone who’s ever been to Iceland by way of Reykjavik, and one of the first things they’ll tell you they did while they were here was hit the road to embark on the Golden Circle loop. And, unlike some tourist traps that are obligatory yet in reality not worth the hype, the Golden Circle is, by all accounts, a can’t miss attraction.

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