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How to Travel Smarter and Dress Better: My Take on New York Fashion Week (NYFW) Packing

Here is how I packed for NYFW, with all of my outfits fitting into half of a check-in luggage (the other half was occupied by things I wore in DC and Baltimore!). And, this isn’t exclusive to Fashion Week. These tips are the same ones I live by when packing for any trip where I need to be bringing my A-game from a wardrobe perspective, whether it’s a business trip, a wedding, or a formal event.

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Packing for a Winter Vacation

From figuring out where to strategically place your shampoo so it doesn’t burst open during the flight, to seeing just how many pairs of shoes you can realistically get away with bringing without exceeding the baggage weight restriction, packing your bag–or bags–for a trip is, in my opinion, the worst. What’s even worse, though? Jetting off to somewhere cold, and making sure you’re bringing everything you need to stay warm.

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