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Road Trip Down Iceland's Golden Circle Loop

Ask anyone who’s ever been to Iceland by way of Reykjavik, and one of the first things they’ll tell you they did while they were here was hit the road to embark on the Golden Circle loop. And, unlike some tourist traps that are obligatory yet in reality not worth the hype, the Golden Circle is, by all accounts, a can’t miss attraction.

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City Guide: Off Duty in Reykjavik

Quaint city center streets filled with bars, restaurants, and shops housed inside quintessential Scandinavian architecture play host to millions of tourists every year, and the city, though packed, doesn’t feel crowded. At least, not yet. Just being in downtown Reykjavik on a cloudy, rainy morning, sitting in a warm coffee (kaffi in Iceland) shop eating bread with cheese and jam makes you feel, all at once, like you belonged here all your life.

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