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Stories Beyond the 9-to-5: How These Women Travel More While Maintaining Their Jobs (Episode 1)

Ever wish you could travel more with your full-time job or career? Every month, I’ll be sharing the stories of fellow women who own their career hustles and fulfill their travel dreams at the same time, no matter what it takes. Read on for 4 women’s unique perspectives on traveling more while maintaining their full-time jobs, side hustles, small businesses, and more!

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5 Little Mindset Shifts That Will Help You Travel More

Last year, I took 15 trips in a year while working full-time! I’m not making significantly more money than the year before. I didn’t quit my job. And I definitely didn’t add more time to the 24 hours we’re all working with. I changed the way I think about the opportunities that are out there, and new doors started opening up that I never even noticed before. Here are 5 little mindset shifts I’ve noticed in myself that will help you get there.

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11 Actionable Tips to Travel More this Year, Even If You Work Full-Time

In one year of travel, in one year of going on 15 trips on top of a Monday-through-Friday job, here are some of my biggest takeaways, learnings, and tips that you can start implementing right NOW to make this year, next year, and the next one after that your BIGGEST year of adventure yet.

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