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Practical Beauty Tips for the Girl Who Can’t be Bothered

If there’s one thing about me I’ve always found kind of funny, it’s that I kind of hate–and am just genuinely confused by–beauty routines. Now, don’t get me wrong. I care about my health and my appearance just as much as the next woman, but most of the time, while I appreciate beauty products, I don’t even really get excited about makeup (except lipstick–that’s a completely different story). But this whole encounter inspired me to share the few practical things I do do to take care of my beauty health despite constantly being on-the-go. For all the girls who are too busy, or just can’t be bothered by beauty routines, read on. This one’s for you.  

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Why Comfort and Style Shouldn't be Mutually Exclusive

There’s a reason women in stilettos and skin-tight dresses stand out. And, at least in my opinion, it’s not because they look good (although, yes, they might). It’s because, half of the time, you can just tell that they’re not comfortable.

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