Practical Beauty Tips for the Girl Who Can’t be Bothered

Rachel Off Duty: Practical Beauty Tips for the Girl Who Can't be Bothered

This article was created in partnership with Saranghae. All thoughts, opinions, and photos are my own.

If there’s one thing about me I’ve always found kind of funny, it’s that I kind of hate–and am just genuinely confused by–beauty routines. Maybe it’s because I didn’t grow up understanding the importance of regular mani/pedis, or because my mom’s beauty regimen has always stuck pretty closely to the basics. My best friends says it’s because I didn’t grow up with sisters like they did, so I was “deprived of an essential life lesson of being a teenage girl.” To be completely candid here, I don’t know how to curl my hair. I don’t cleanse my skin every single night before going to bed (but before you jump to conclusions, I always remove my makeup). In fact, I don’t even remember to floss on a regular basis.

What can I say? Honestly, most nights, I prefer using those extra 20 minutes before bed to write a blog post or read a good book instead of working my way through a complicated beauty routine.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I care about my health and my appearance just as much as the next woman, but most of the time, while I appreciate beauty products, I don’t even really get excited about makeup (except lipstick–that’s a completely different story).

Beauty Tips for the Girl Who Can’t be Bothered
Beauty Tips for the Girl Who Can’t be Bothered
Rachel Off Duty: Practical Beauty Tips for the Girl Who Can't be Bothered

But a few weeks ago, a beauty brand by the name of Saranghae sponsored a networking event I was at. For those of you who might be unfamiliar with the brand, Saranghae provides a 5 step anti-aging skin routine derived from high-quality Asian botanicals. As appreciative as I was, my immediate gut reaction to receiving Saranghae products was that I’d never actually get around to using them, and not because they weren’t effective (because they are), but because of who I’m hard-wired to be: a non-beauty-loving, overly busy, can’t-be-bothered kind of girl. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that there are actually several things that I incorporate into my busy lifestyle in order to keep my skin and body healthy. Call it a beauty routine, or don’t, but this whole encounter inspired me to share the few practical things I do do to take care of my beauty health despite constantly being on-the-go. For all the girls who are too busy, or just can’t be bothered by beauty routines, read on. This one’s for you.  

1. Face Masks

Beauty Tips for the Girl Who Can’t be Bothered
Beauty Tips for the Girl Who Can’t be Bothered

While I am careful to take my makeup off each night before I go to sleep, I honestly don’t always remember to cleanse my face. Or, maybe I do remember… I just 9 times out of 10 won’t follow through. But, if there’s one thing I do love and honestly look forward to treating myself to, it’s a good face mask. I probably own 7 or 8 different mask products at this point, from clay and charcoal to mango and yogurt, and from time to time, I’ll even make my own coconut oil and coffee grounds scrub from scratch. When I dove into the Saranghae products, I was really excited to see that the 5th step is–you guessed it–a face mask! But not just any face mask, a facial sheet mask (and I had no idea that such a thing existed). Saranghae’s Elemental Essence Mask is an antioxidant- and Hyaluronic Acid-packed mask served up pre-loaded on a lightweight microfiber sheet that fits perfectly on your face, straight out of the package. You just leave it on for around 20 minutes and then toss it when the time is up–you don’t even need to rinse it off after (and I thought that face masks couldn’t get any easier). In fact, it’s recommended that you leave the residue on your face to allow your skin to continue soaking up nutrients long after the mask is gone. I’ve only used the mask (as well as the rest of Saranghae’s 5-step routine) a couple of times, but my skin has felt like a breath of fresh air after each use.

Beauty Tips for the Girl Who Can’t be Bothered

Beyond the benefits, I love face masks because they allow me to multitask. Throw one on, continue doing whatever you were doing–whether it’s reading, writing, folding laundry, or working, and then remove. There’s no slaving away in front of your bathroom mirror for ages, which is a huge bonus in my book. You’ll usually find me donning a face mask on Sunday nights while I’m catching up on emails and making to-do lists for the week ahead.

2. SPF Moisturizer

Putting on moisturizer before applying makeup in the morning literally only adds seconds to your routine, and can work wonders for long-term skin health, especially if you use a moisturizer with sun protection. Growing up, my mom would tell me horror stories of her “one coworker who used to tan every weekend and now has permanent sun damage and has to get chemical peels and visit the hospital several times a year just so that she doesn’t get cancer.” I’ve heard this story maybe 200 times, but I guess it worked, because I haven’t forgotten it, and it’s one of the few “beauty routines” I actually stick to every day. If you don’t want wrinkles, sunburn, or at the worst end of the spectrum, cancer, invest in a moisturizer (ointment- or cream-based for dry skin, lotion for oily skin) with broad-spectrum SPF protection. Broad- or full-spectrum SPF is the only sunscreen that will protect from both UVB (sunburn-inducing) and UVA (wrinkle-causing) exposure to the sun.

(I use Aveeno Positively Radiant CC Cream in “medium.”)

3. Lemon Water

Beauty Tips for the Girl Who Can’t be Bothered

Most mornings while I’m heating up water to make coffee, I try to start my day off with a quick, energizing mixture of warm water, turmeric, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, and a squeeze of lemon (I know, it sounds a little gross, but try it). I’ve found that no matter how pressed for time you might be, pinning down a morning routine and sticking to it can work wonders with how you look at the rest of your day, and this little yellow drink has become a permanent fixture in mine.

Start with 1-2 cups of warm water, and add a healthy dash of turmeric powder and a splash (1-2 tablespoons, tops) of apple cider vinegar. Squeeze ¼ of a lemon into the cup and stir. The lemon and apple cider vinegar give you a quick boost of vitamin C and increased digestive health. The turmeric adds a punch of antioxidants and reduces inflammation in the body. When consumed regularly, this mixture can contribute to more radiant skin, a less-bloated stomach, and protection against things like bacteria and disease. It takes me less than a minute to whip together, and I always feel refreshed and ready to go after chugging this drink down.

4. Sweat it Out

We all know that working out has a ton of benefits both physically and mentally. One of the main reasons I work out is because it makes me feel strong and powerful, and because it helps me to feel energized for the rest of my day. If I don’t set aside 30 minutes in the morning to work out, my entire day seems to move to a different, less productive rhythm. Beyond that, though, a quick sweat will give you a boost of endorphins while simultaneously detoxifying your body of excess toxins, cholesterol, salt, and the one-too-many gin and tonics you just had to have last night at the bar. Because of this, when done consistently, a good sweat can also lead to clearer skin and fewer blemishes, too.

Take it from the girl who doesn’t know how to operate a curling iron and can’t even remember to consistently floss her teeth. If you’re like me and you’re busy or maybe don’t pay much attention to beauty products or routines, there are still so many things you can incorporate into your everyday without sacrificing on time. Sure, it’s not a comprehensive beauty routine, and I’m by no means a beauty or health expert, but in my experience, doing little things that add up over time is always better than doing nothing.

Do you do any of these things already in your own beauty routines? If you’re always on the go, what little things do you do to make sure you’re taking care of yourself? I’d love to hear your tips, too!


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