My Favorite Things to Do on Oahu


Two weeks ago, I went on a last-minute trip back home to Hawaii... and, like all trips, it ended way too soon. Doesn't it always seem like the more you want to hold on to something, the quicker it disappears? That’s how it always feels when it comes to vacations… and food. Am I right?

The reason for my spontaneous trip was to celebrate a new beginning. I left my job and accepted a new position at a bigger company, and by sheer luck, I was able to squeeze in a week between jobs to travel. I had a great time seeing old friends, spending time with family, eating delicious food, and visiting my favorite island spots. I'm not sure about what everyone else does when they go home, but whenever I visit, there's a pretty specific list of things that I absolutely, hands-down have to do. In fact, I follow this list so well that my friends back home already know what to expect before I even hit them up (I'm boring, it's true). Here's some of the things on that list, AKA some of my favorite things to do in Oahu:

  • Hike Koko Head Stairs (there's no other reason to do this hike than the killer workout. It's literally 1000 steps straight up the side of a mountain)

  • Do another longer, more challenging, more nature-y hike (Like Olomana "3 Peaks" or Kuliouou Ridge)

  • Spend the day at the North Shore

  • Brunch at Cinnamon's (read: red velvet and guava pancakes)

  • Acai bowls at Diamond Head Cove Health Bar

  • Ice cream at Scoop of Paradise

  • Sushi and honey toast at Shokudo

  • Spend an afternoon at Ka'ena Point

  • Head to Ko'Olina Resort with my parents

Hawaii 2017
Hawaii 2017
Hawaii 2017

For my last day in Hawaii, I wanted to wear a dress that I bought a few weeks ago and hadn’t gotten a chance to wear yet since it’s been so damn cold in California. I am in love with this dress’s flower embroidery and deep neckline (my mom's not the biggest fan though. Sorry mom). My friend and I got all dressed up for happy hour (mai tais, please), and then we climbed up these rocks to get a front row seat for the sunset. It doesn’t get better than this, guys.

Hawaii 2017

Although I am sad that it came to an end so quickly, I am so happy that I got to take a spontaneous trip home before starting my new job. I feel refreshed, a little sunburnt, and excited to kick off this new chapter in my life. Just what the doctor ordered (minus the sunburn, of course).


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