Festival Season + How to Style your Hair


It’s April. And if you’re like me, that can only mean one thing: it’s Coachella season!

How to do Your Hair for Coachella

I honestly almost wasn't going to be going this year. I’m moving into a new apartment this month before the lease on my current apartment is up, which pretty much means my life is going to be a financial roller coaster for the next two months. But, it’s gonna be worth it (and I keep reminding myself about this over and over again whenever I check my bank account). But, my friends are pretty persuasive, and the thought of missing out on Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, Bastille, Bon Iver, Empire of the Sun, and all of the other great talents in this year's star-studded lineup just didn't sit right with me. That, and some serious FOMO, led me to this inevitable return to the desert for a second go at Coachella. What can I say? I'm impressionable.

If you’re lucky enough to be hitting the road this month to head to Palm Springs, yay! It's a great, fulfilling, serendipitous experience full of happy people, great music, and amazing food. Anyone that tells you otherwise probably thinks traffic is "fun" and Monday mornings are "as good as you make them."

How to do Your Hair for Coachella

Beyond the music, the 2nd biggest thing most people stress over when it comes to festival season is the ephemeral question–you guessed it–what am i going to wear? But honestly, by now, you probably already have your outfits figured out. Comfortable yet also cute walking shoes? Check. Small but also hard-to-pickpocket backpack to hold all your essentials? Check. But what about your hair?

How to do Your Hair for Coachella

Last week, I got together with my friend and hair stylist Dani Peterson to come up with a Coachella-inspired hairstyle that is chic but also fully functional to keep up with your jam-packed weekend. This Coachella hairstyle is easy (and that’s coming from yours truly, and I can’t even operate a curling iron properly), perfect to get you through the WHOLE three days (seriously), and comfortable enough to rock from morning to, well, morning. I would know. I kept my braid in for three days straight following this shoot just to test it out myself.

How to do Your Hair for Coachella

Step 1: Curl your hair (if you want, although this also works with straight hair).

Step 2: Section off two parts starting from either temple straight back past the top of the head. This is the part of your hair that you’ll be braiding.

Step 3: Starting from the front, take the section of hair you just made and start braiding. In order to get an exposed braid look like what you see on me, you’ll need to do a Dutch braid. If you know how to French braid, you pretty much already know how to go Dutch! The only difference is that when you do a French braid, you cross sections of hair over and into the middle. For a Dutch braid, you’ll need to cross your sections UNDER, allowing the shape of the braid to be exposed on top. Braid the section of your hair in a tight Dutch braid until you get to the back of your head, and secure the rest of your hair with an elastic.

Step 4: Pull at sections of the braid you just made to loosen it a little bit and give it more volume.

How to do Your Hair for Coachella

Step 5: Pull your ponytail up into a top knot. You can use a sponge donut or a sock to add volume like we did, or continue on without. The only difference you’ll really see here is height and the generally more “perfect” bun shape you get when using a donut. Secure your bun with elastics and bobby pins. Spray the whole style with some hairspray, and voila.

How to do Your Hair for Coachella
How to do Your Hair for Coachella

Tip: Do this hairstyle on Day 1 of Coachella. Then at the end of the day, take out the bun but leave your Dutch braid in. On Day 2, wear your day-old curls with the Dutch braid sans bun for a different look. Finally, on Day 3, with your Dutch braid still intact, make 2 pigtail braids with the rest of your hair for, once again, a completely different look! Just spruce up your hair every day with some dry shampoo and you’ll be ready to take on anything!

If you’re off to the desert this spring/summer, be safe and have an amazing time! And, if you do attempt this hairstyle, let me know how it goes!


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Hair stylings were made possible by Dani Peterson over at Salon 'reBelle. To give her some love, head to her Instagram @hairbydanixo, or follow her monthly newsletter (link to subscribe is in her Instagram bio)!

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