Behind the Blog

Hi! I’m Rachel.

Rachel Off Duty is a travel and lifestyle blog for on-the-go women looking to get out and see the world, even if you work a 9-to-5 (or just don’t think you have the time or the resources in general).

I spent 5 years of my career working in fashion until I landed myself in advertising. I’ve held full-time jobs consistently since before graduating college. Not even more than a couple years ago, if you had asked me what my travel plans for the year were, I’d list off one, maybe two “big” trips, max. One of those would always be to go home (to Oahu, where I’m from) to visit family, and the other would maybe, maybe be a long-haul trip somewhere new if I was lucky. I had practically zero PTO days, and also, practically zero dollars in the bank. I never thought traveling could be less of a grand event, and more of an actual lifestyle. Especially not for me, someone who works a full-time job and has a number of side hustles keeping me busy from morning till night.

Flash-forward to today. The travel bug bit me, and it bit me HARD. I now try to explore new ways to see the world at least once a month, from road tripping around the US to seeing how far across the ocean my credit card points can take me, and am currently on a quest to beat my record of 15 trips in one year, all while holding down a career. I am now a total believer that we weren’t put on this planet just to work for 40 years until we retire so we can eventually, maybe, see the world.

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Here’s What I Believe:

1. I believe that a life that you love, full of adventures and passport stamps, can start right now.

2. I believe that creating a lifestyle that you truly enjoy, whether you’re on duty paying the bills or off duty sipping a mai tai in Hawaii, is less about money and more about mindset.

3. And most importantly, I believe that adventure isn’t out there. It’s in you.


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