Culottes (Pronounced “cool • oats”)

Rachel Off Duty: Culottes

“cool • oats”

Rachel Off Duty: Culottes

There are some things I just refuse to be an early adopter of. Culottes (pronounced cool • oats) are one of them. I don’t have anything against them per se, I just hadn’t yet found a pair that worked for me. If you’re like me, you might feel a sort of wary skepticism towards unconventional shapes, cuts, and trends. Sure, they look great on models, but are they going to look the same way on me–someone who has hips and is nowhere near as tall or, ya know, as skinny?

Everyone’s got a unique body shape, and not everything is going to look the same way, no matter how “in” it is. And what works for someone on a magazine isn’t always going to be as awesome in real life, no matter how cute it looks on a hanger or how much you convince yourself that you “neeeeeeed” it.

Rachel Off Duty: Culottes

Rachel Off Duty: Culottes

When it comes to more unorthodox pieces like culottes, it just comes down to a matter of trial-and-error. I’ve tried on countless pairs, passing on each and every one time and time again because they’re too short, too long, or just generally not flattering at all. And as much as doing that sucks, I’ve learned that you really shouldn’t buy anything unless you feel 100% amazing and comfortable in it. Anything less than 100%, and that shirt or pair of pants is just going to sit in the back of your closet and rot, unworn and unnoticed, for years.

I know this from experience–I have a “graveyard” of clothes I bought thinking that they’d be perfect one day when I’m taller or more in shape or more tanned. Yeah… none of that idealistic buying really ever comes to fruition.

Rachel Off Duty: Culottes

I found this pair of culottes at a sample sale. They were high-waisted, just the right length, and they fit like a glove! Say whaaaat? Sometimes, that’s just how life happens. And synchronous moments like this will happen when you least expect them. So don’t get discouraged when something comes along that you don’t think will ever work for you. Odds are, you just haven’t crossed paths with the right one yet. And that’s okay. 

Rachel Off Duty: Culottes

Rachel Off Duty: Culottes


Culottes | Knot Sisters

Tank | Brandy Melville

Bralette | Free People

Sandals | Michael Kors

Wrap Bracelet | Laurenly

Sunglasses | ZeroUV

Earrings | Anneise


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