Knowing Your Worth

Knowing Your Worth

The other day, I mentioned to someone that I was a blogger. The person paused, laughed a bit, and said “oh, a blahhh-ger (I bet you guys can all read that in the exact tone it was said, right?). Do you have like a million followers and spend the weekends in like, Greece and shit?”

Knowing Your Worth

Well, no. That’s not what I do (or what blogging is) at all! But it’s tough to hear someone else quantify what your “success” is supposed to look like. Like, no, I don’t go to Greece every weekend. But should I be? Am I doing something wrong?

How many of you find yourself feeling like you don’t deserve to be where you’re at in your life, or like you aren’t good enough to go for the thing you want, so you keep putting off even trying?

Yeah, ditto. It’s hard to remember your worth when you get so caught up in all of the negativity. I struggle with this all the time, with everything from this blog to my 9-to-5 job.

Knowing Your Worth

Knowing Your Worth

When you get in a mindset like this, it’s hard to remember the positives. You beat yourself up wondering “what if,” and you forget to give yourself enough credit. I don’t think I’m the only one that feels the irony of the situation either––it’s like, the further you get with your career, or with anything really, the more uncertain you feel about everything.

Knowing Your Worth

Knowing Your Worth

It’s important to remember that this feeling, this “imposter syndrome” thing, is fleeting. No one else can probably see your self doubt unless you let it slip (it’s kind of like an annoying bra strap). So what I’ve been telling myself lately is this: imposter syndrome is a symptom of success. It means we’re doing something right. It means that you’re doing SO much that you had to question where you could RISE to the occasion, not settle for something that’s not good enough. This is what I’m battling these days. And I feel like these feelings are rampant for most of us recent-but-not-super-recent post-grads that are struggling to get it together. And, well, for most of us 20-somethings in general. But you know what? If you’re like me and you’re feeling this way too, we’re probably already off to a pretty good start.

Knowing Your Worth

What I Wore:

Romper + Necklace | Forever 21

Cardigan | Loft

Tassel Purse | Macy’s

Black Booties | Aldo

Lip | NYX Costmetics


2 thoughts on “Knowing Your Worth

  1. Completely get you. And what an amazing, heart felt post! 😍

    That person, whoever they were, is just making noise. Ignorant people commenting on subjects they know nothing about. Just got to ignore the static. Keep doing you. You have a full-time job AND a blog that is aesthetically wonderful and personable. You are ambitious, and creative, and committed.

    The next time somebody reacts that way, just ask: “Yeah, and what do YOU do outside of your 9-5 job?” 😘


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