New Beginnings

Rachel Off Duty | New Beginnings

You know what I hate about the beginning of the year? The sun is finally beginning to reveal itself, the days are getting longer… and it’s still cold as all hell outside. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a sucker for winter and I love the summer with all my heart, but the seasons in the middle confuse me. Just pick ONE mood and stick to it, weather!

Rachel Off Duty | New Beginnings

Rachel Off Duty | New Beginnings

That said, I started my new job a few weeks ago. I can’t believe I’ve already officially been working at a new place for a month. The last job I worked at, I sort of graduated in to because I started as an intern in college. So, I guess that makes this my first adult job that I acquired with my adult resume and adult expertise and adult answers to adult interview questions. Whoa. That’s a pretty awesome milestone, in my opinion. So far, I am loving the new experience. It’s really humbling to willingly throw yourself from a place of comfort in life into a place of uncertainty. New jobs–like most new settings in life–are scary. You don’t know your role, you don’t know how your success will be measured, you don’t know if the hot sauce in the fridge is communal or not (sorry, mystery person). It’s terrifying, but it’s refreshing. I hope to never let myself become too comfortable in life, because if you’re too comfortable, you’re not learning. I’m proud of myself for taking this one small step out of my comfort zone.

If there’s ONE thing I could fixate on about my lifestyle change, though, it’s the commute. If you live in Southern California, you already know the pain that is the drive into Los Angeles if you don’t live in the city (and even then… ). For some inexplicable reason, long car rides give me 2 things: anxiety and back pain. Maybe 23 is the new 40. So, my work week is filled with pain, a cool new fast-paced job, and more pain. Suffice it to say, my weekends are more blissful and sacred than ever these days.

Rachel Off Duty | New Beginnings

Rachel Off Duty | New Beginnings

Rachel Off Duty | New Beginnings

I spent this past Sunday sleeping in, only agreeing to leave the house in the pursuit of coffee (and a good shoot, of course!). You might be wondering why I rambled on about weather and work in this post. It all brings me to explaining this day. 1. I slept in until noon because I’m still adjusting to the new commute, new job, and new back pain, and because it felt amazing (don’t judge me). 2. When I rolled out of bed, it looked gorgeous and bright outside! So, I put on a skirt and a flowy, festival-vibey bell sleeve top in anticipation. And you know what? It. Was. FREEZING.

Rachel Off Duty | New Beginnings

A lot of things are in flux this month. From my weekend rhythm, to getting up to speed on my new job, to my flippant disregard for dressing for the weather. With spring around the corner, hopefully things will start falling into place!


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