Winter in Yosemite

Winter in Yosemite

A year and a half ago, I had never been on a damn camping trip in my entire life. It just wasn’t something my family or my friends really ever did growing up. However, my boyfriend changed all of that and turned me into a fearless, rock climbing, bear fighting wilderness woman.

Winter in Yosemite

Ok, not really. But I do like camping a LOT now, and it’s all because of him. In just a year, we’ve camped at Big Sur, Bishop, the Grand Canyon, and Sequoia. We try to go somewhere every few months, and we were due for another trip. I desperately wanted to see some snow before the winter season ended, so when he mentioned taking a last-minute camping trip in Yosemite, I was all for it.


Winter in Yosemite

Even though I spent my entire life living in warm places, I’ve always associated winter with snow. It just doesn’t feel like winter without it. Let me tell you, Yosemite delivered winter weather and then some. The entire week leading up to our trip, it was snowing, raining, flooding (!), and storming. Roads closed down, and some camp grounds did too, but amazingly on the night before we were scheduled to go, everything cleared up. Despite all my worrying, what we were left with when we arrived was beautiful, fresh, powdery snow and picture-perfect blue skies. It was like magic.

Winter in Yosemite

Winter in Yosemite

Winter in Yosemite

Yosemite is kind of like the Disneyland of campgrounds. There are heated tents (highly recommend. I don’t care how hardcore you are. Heated tents in 20 degree weather is heaven), gift shops, and a food lodge with WiFi (not complaining… I was stoked). During the day, we hiked into the Valley to see Half Dome, which was just as breathtaking in real life as it is in pictures. To get there, we had to wear crampons and gaiters (sexy), otherwise we would’ve turned the trail into a slip n’ slide. However, it was all so, so worth it, and it made for the perfect way to send off the season. I have no idea where our next camping trip will take us, but Yosemite definitely set the bar high.

Winter in Yosemite

What I Wore:

Embroidered Leather Jacket | Zara

Top | Lulus

Jeans | Express

Gloves | REI


4 thoughts on “Winter in Yosemite

  1. I LOVE that jacket, and Yosemite in the winter looks so beautiful! I also didn’t know heated tents were a thing… So looking out for that in the future 😀


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