Slowing Things Down Before Christmas

Slowing Things Down Before Christmas

I love this time of year. I love how lively everyone gets, and how everyone seems to move with more purpose, hurrying to get all of the last-minute errands done before the year is up. But it’s so easy to get caught up in the chaos. In between shopping for gifts, attending holiday parties, working, and trying to find some time to sleep, it feels like December always comes charging through at twice the speed, and before you even realize it, it’s gone.

Slowing Things Down Before Christmas

Slowing Things Down Before Christmas

This year, I got all of my Christmas shopping done early (thank you, online shopping and free 2-day shipping) so I wouldn’t have to deal with malls, traffic, or finding parking. With all that behind me, I had more time to spend with my parents while they were in town. I took the day off this past Friday, and spent the afternoon getting lost in my own city, which is really nice to do once in a while, especially in LA where everything changes all the time! We went to Larchmont to eat red velvet pancakes at Bungalow (a must) and watched the sunset and a show at the Griffith Observatory (my FIRST time there since I moved here 5 years ago! It didn’t disappoint).

Since I knew we’d be out and about all day, I wanted to be comfortable. To me, “being comfortable” 9 times out of 10 means not wearing pants. So, I opted for some thick tights, a black and white gingham shirtdress, a coat that I stole from my mom, and these amazing leather lace-up boots that I got 4 years ago but are still just as perfect as day 1.

Slowing Things Down Before Christmas

Slowing Things Down Before Christmas
With Christmas in literally less than 2 days, don’t forget to slow down, stop stressing, and enjoy! I hope your holidays are fantastic, stress-free, and full of good food and good people. Cheers!

What I Wore:

Lace-Up Boots | Free People

Gingham Shirtdress | Zara

Coat | Macys


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