Want to Travel More While Maintaining a Job?


Is it just me, or does it feel like everybody is quitting their jobs to travel the world these days?

As a chronic daydreamer and someone easily tempted by a good cheap flight deal, I personally know just how tempting it can be to want skip town and see the world.

But here's what social media isn't telling you: quitting your job to travel isn't the only way to be happy.

You're probably not surprised by that. I'm sure you already knew. But when it comes to actually putting it into practice – traveling more while still maintaining a career – it's definitely easier said than done. In a world where social media and the web can sometimes make us feel like we're not doing enough with our lives, seeing enough of the world, or being adventurous enough, sometimes all it takes is knowing that you're not alone.

I wanted to know more about how other women like me managed to maintain their careers while maximizing the adventures.

So, I asked them.

Here is the result: Stories Beyond the 9-to-5. Where you will find real women, real careers, real adventures, and most importantly, real advice about how you can incorporate more adventures into your everyday lives!

Stories Beyond the 9-to-5


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