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Meet Rachel

Hi! I’m Rachel, a Hawaii-born Los Angeles transplant who got bitten by the travel bug – hard. But instead of prescribing to the idea that I had to quit a job to travel the world, I wanted to find out what it meant to live a crazy, passionate, adventure-filled life without having to put my career ambitions on hold. So I sought out to do just that.

Flash forward a couple years, I still have a location-dependent home base but travel anywhere from 15-30 times a year.

Rachel Off Duty is for go-getting women like myself who crave getting out and seeing the world. It’s for individuals who don’t believe in waiting to retire to live a life you always dreamed of. And, if you’re still reading this far, it’s probably for you, too.






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Packing tips, planning guides, resources, and more to make it easier to get out and hit the road.


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Where to stay in destinations all over the globe, from budget accommodations to 5-star experiences, all personally vetted by yours truly.


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Tips and personal stories about how to navigate the chaos that is ‘having your life together.’ But honestly, who really does?


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Stories Beyond the 9-to-5 Uncovers How women Can travel the world while navigating their game-changing careers.

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